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Low Insulin Lifestyle: Your Guide to Mastering PCOS

Discover PCOS Through the Eyes of an Expert

Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. Ali Chappell, PhD, MS, RD, as she intertwines her personal battle with PCOS with the latest scientific research. “Low Insulin Lifestyle” is a lifeline, offering comfort and scientifically backed strategies for those navigating the complexities of PCOS.


Inside the Book "Low Insulin Lifestyle"

Empower Your Health

Learn from Dr. Chappell’s intimate PCOS experiences and how she turned her struggles into triumphs.

Uncover the Science

Dive deep into the evidence supporting a Low Insulin Lifestyle and how it could be the key to managing your PCOS.

Actionable Solutions

Discover why managing symptoms like weight gain and acne requires more than conventional wisdom and how to take control with the right guidance.


About Lilli Health

Lilli Health is dedicated to guiding women through their PCOS journey with compassion, clarity, and evidence-based solutions. Understanding and managing PCOS starts with arming yourself with knowledge and tools specifically designed to address your unique challenges.

Dr. Ali Chappell’s ‘Low Insulin Lifestyle: My Personal Journey with PCOS and the Science Behind a Low Insulin Lifestyle‘ is a comprehensive guide and a steadfast companion on your journey to better health. Created to be the definitive resource, it offers insightful answers and practical wisdom. The book goes beyond sharing Dr. Chappell’s personal triumph over PCOS, distilling her scientific expertise into strategies you can apply every day. It transforms complex concepts into actionable steps, paving a clear path toward managing your health.

Our Lilli Kits and the upcoming Lilli app are extensions of the knowledge within these pages. Together, they form an integrated system for managing PCOS effectively—offering personalized insights and real-time tracking that make living a Low Insulin Lifestyle a tangible reality.

With these resources, you’re setting a new standard for your health and well-being. The book lays the groundwork, the Lilli Kits monitor your journey, and the app brings it all together – helping you shape a lifestyle that’s informed, intentional, and inspired by tangible results.

Ali Lilli Branding

Embrace a community rooted in understanding PCOS and committed to providing the resources you need to transform your health. Together, we can redefine what it means to live well with PCOS.


Why Low Insulin Lifestyle Is a Must Read

  • Personal Narrative: Dr. Chappell shares her PCOS journey, offering insights that blend personal experiences with professional expertise.
  • Actionable Insights: Learn practical strategies to understand and manage PCOS symptoms, empowering you with practical knowledge.
  • Nutritional Advice: Get clear, science-backed dietary guidance specific to PCOS, helping you make informed, healthy choices for your condition.
  • Evidence-Based Knowledge: Armed with researched support, this book clears misconceptions about PCOS, providing reliable information for better health advocacy.
  • Practical Strategies:  Equip yourself with knowledge that translates into real-life changes and improved health outcomes.


Buy Low Insulin Lifestyle Now!

Now available Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Gain an understanding of PCOS with Dr. Ali Chappell’s personal and scientific insights into PCOS and insulin resistance. This book isn’t just an education; it paves the way for positive change, offering practical strategies and guidance to manage PCOS effectively. Dive into a wealth of knowledge that turns challenges into triumphs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Can I Buy ‘Low Insulin Lifestyle’?

Low Insulin Lifestyle is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all major booksellers.

Is ‘Low Insulin Lifestyle’ Only for Women with PCOS?

No, this book is relevant for anyone struggling with high insulin levels, insulin-related issues, or those looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing through sustainable lifestyle changes.

Since women with PCOS have the highest insulin levels of almost any other medical condition, understanding and solving insulin issues for them is also relevant to anyone struggling with high insulin levels. Considering almost everyone has high insulin levels these days, this is useful information for anyone.

Does ‘Low Insulin Lifestyle’ Have Recipes?

Low Insulin Lifestyle doesn’t feature specific recipes, but the upcoming app will!