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Empower Your Health Journey with Lilli Kits

Innovative At-Home Insulin Testing Kits (Available Now)

We know the journey with PCOS can feel overwhelming, filled with uncertainty and complex medical advice that doesn’t always translate into clear action. Our At-Home Insulin Testing Kits offer precise, easy-to-understand insights that empower you to take informed steps to balance your insulin levels and alleviate your PCOS symptoms. Embrace a new sense of control with Lilli Kits, and let’s guide you to a lifestyle where managing PCOS feels less like a battle and more like a journey to well-being.

Tailored Testing for Personalized PCOS Management

Fasting Insulin Testing

Designed for ease and accuracy, our Fasting Insulin Test Kit offers the clarity to tailor your lifestyle choices and manage PCOS. Gain insights to fine-tune your diet, improve your well-being, and reclaim your health, all from the comfort of your home.

Fasting and 2Hr Insulin Testing Kit

Get a comprehensive view of your metabolic health with our dual-test kit. By measuring fasting and post-meal insulin levels, along with your Homeostatic Model Assessment of Insulin Resistance (HOMA-IR), this kit delivers comprehensive insights that enable informed decisions for personalized PCOS management.

About Lilli Health

At Lilli Health, we aim to help women with PCOS improve symptoms and achieve their wellness goals. We understand navigating this condition requires not just strength, but the knowledge and tools designed for your unique challenges. That’s why we’re committed to providing education grounded in scientific evidence and solutions that create real change in your life.

The link between PCOS and insulin resistance is complex but understanding it shouldn’t be. Our Lilli Kits simplify this discovery, offering insights that adapt as your lifestyle does. They’re the cornerstone of a Low Insulin Lifestyle—helping you chart your progress and tailor your treatment strategy based on solid data, right from your home.

The Lilli app, coming soon, is an innovative nutrition and wellness platform catering specifically to women with PCOS. It combines symptom tracking with meal planning, providing a wealth of free education and the ability to track your insulin levels—all aimed at delivering a holistic approach to managing PCOS.

You can input your insulin test results into the app, creating a personalized dashboard of your health. This seamless integration ensures that every step you take is informed and intentional.

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Dr. Ali Chappell’s struggle with PCOS and her professional expertise is the heartbeat of Lilli Health. Her comprehensive guide, “Low Insulin Lifestyle: My Personal Journey with PCOS and the Science Behind a Low Insulin Lifestyle,” is designed to be the last PCOS book you’ll ever read, complementing the practical tools we offer.

Step into a supportive community committed to simplifying PCOS management and realizing your health goals.

Why Lilli Kits?

Keeping track of your insulin levels is crucial in understanding your condition and improving your symptoms. Lilli Kits bring clarity to your health routine with scientific precision and evidence-based insights you can trust.

  • Convenience: Lilli Kits are easy to use with a quick finger-prick, ensuring simplicity and peace of mind.
  • Time-Saving: No more hours at the clinic. Lilli Kits enables you to test your insulin levels at home and on your own terms.
  • Scientific Accuracy: Our tests are conducted by CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited labs, offering you the gold standard in lab testing.
  • Empowering Insights: Understand how dietary choices and lifestyle changes affect your insulin levels and PCOS management.

Lilli Kits: The First Step Toward a Healthier You

Lower Your Insulin, Elevate Your Health

Lowering your insulin levels is the key to overcoming the challenges associated with PCOS- whether it’s weight loss, acne, menstrual irregularities, hair growth, or infertility. With Lilli Kits, managing your condition and embracing a Low Insulin Lifestyle becomes accessible and practical. Get the insights to manage PCOS, advocate for your health, and pave the way toward sustainable, lasting wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do Lilli Kits Benefit PCOS?

Lilli Kits allows you to connect the dots between your diet, lifestyle, and PCOS symptoms.  

Insulin resistance is the common culprit behind PCOS symptoms. By identifying it early and monitoring your levels over time, you can make effective lifestyle changes to improve hormone balance, lower your insulin levels, and enable targeted PCOS treatment strategies tailored to your unique needs.

How Often Should I Test My Insulin Levels?

There’s no limit on how often you want to test your insulin, but at the minimum, we recommend:

  • Fasting Insulin every 6 months
  • 2-Hour Insulin at least once per year

If you’re starting a Low Insulin Lifestyle, it’s a good idea to check your fasting insulin every 2-3 months and your 2-hour insulin every 6 months until your insulin levels are in the normal range.

What Is the Normal Range for Insulin Levels?

Normal values for fasting insulin typically range from 3 to 8 mIU/mL, while a 2-hour insulin level of less than 50 mIU/mL is considered within the normal range.

Is My Information Private?

Yes, all medical information we collect is sent to our labs for processing and to provide you with your results. You are the only one with access to your sensitive health information, which will not be shared with any other party.

If you choose to participate in our research study, your anonymous results may be shared with medical professionals conducting the study.