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Ali Chappell & Lilli Health: Pioneering PCOS Awareness at PCOS CON 2023

Houston, TX, September 16, 2023 – Despite its prevalence, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) remains riddled with myths, misconceptions, and gaps in understanding. Bridging this lack of awareness and empowering the community, PCOS CON 2023, an event by the PCOS Awareness Association (PCOSAA), is set to be unveiled in Houston. Among the many presenters, Ali Chappell, PhD, MS, RD, founder and CEO of Lilli Health, will present on “What is PCOS?” 

The journey to understanding PCOS is often personal, and for Ali, it began at 16. Like many, her early years with PCOS were characterized by uncertainty, leading to a quest for knowledge. This search not only unveiled her personal journey but also highlighted broader gaps in PCOS education and awareness. More on Ali’s journey can be explored here. 

Lilli Health emerged as a platform to address these gaps, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to managing PCOS. Rooted in research, the company underscores the transformative power of a “Low Insulin Lifestyle,” focusing on the interplay between diet, lifestyle, and insulin resistance in PCOS. Their dedication mirrors a broader aim of the community: to ensure every individual grappling with PCOS has access to accurate information and support. Dive deeper into Lilli Health‘s mission and vision here. 

PCOS CON serves as a collective effort, amassing professionals, activists, and those affected by PCOS, aiming to dispel myths and foster understanding. As this leg of the conference unfolds in Texas, attendees are eager to hear from varied voices, including Ali’s, to gain a holistic perspective on the condition. The event details for PCOS CON Texas are available here. 

This conference promises to be more than an academic dialogue. It’s set to be a blend of professional insights, lived experiences, and actionable strategies. As PCOS remains underdiagnosed and often misunderstood, events like PCOS CON 2023 become vital in steering the narrative toward evidence-based understanding and community-driven support. 

In the end, while individual journeys like Ali’s shed light on the lived experiences of PCOS, the collective endeavor, as witnessed in events like PCOS CON, paves the way for broader change. 

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