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The Lilli Health Backstory: Unveiling the Passion Behind the Purpose

Have you ever felt lost and unheard when it comes to managing PCOS? I know exactly how you feel. My name is Ali Chappell, and I’m the founder of Lilli Health, a company dedicated to providing women with PCOS the knowledge and tools they need to live a fulfilling, healthy life. Today, I want to share with you the journey of Lilli Health and how it all started with my personal story.  

Discovering PCOS Symptoms: A Personal Revelation 

It all began during my senior year of college at Texas A&M University. At the age of 21, I was diagnosed with PCOS, a condition that affects millions of women worldwide. Even though I was soon to graduate with a degree in nutrition, I had never even heard of  PCOS, let alone understood its impact on my body. I had been suffering from PCOS symptoms since I was 16 (weight gain, acne, irregular periods, mood swings, anxiety, disordered eating), but I had no idea they were linked.

From Diagnosis to the Pursuit of Knowledge  

The moment of diagnosis was confusing and overwhelming. I was a vegetarian, I worked out daily, and despite being overweight, I thought I was physically healthy. My healthcare provider simply advised me to watch my weight and prescribed birth control to regulate my periods. Despite my nutrition education, I did not understand how my weight could affect my ovaries.

The Rise of Low Insulin Lifestyle   

This experience ignited my passion for learning, so I decided to pursue graduate education. While pursuing a master’s degree, I learned through extensive self-study that the culprit behind my symptoms was insulin, and so I developed a plan to help me lower my insulin levels. I was finally seeing success!   

This led me to pursue a doctorate degree and conduct a study on the effects of my insulin lowering plan on other women with PCOS, hoping to offer PCOS treatment guides and help others lose weight and improve their symptoms. The results from my original study were astounding and garnered recognition through multiple peer-reviewed publications. In fact, a recent randomized controlled trial in PCOS patients found it to be more effective than Metformin, a commonly prescribed medication to help lower insulin levels. 

Bridging the Gap in PCOS Nutrition Education  

Realizing the transformative potential of this approach, I knew I had to bridge the gap in nutrition education. Healthcare providers often struggle to find the time to offer comprehensive nutrition guidance, and dietitians themselves possess limited knowledge about this complex condition. Furthermore, misinformation runs rampant on social media, leaving many women confused, misinformed, and spinning their wheels.

Empowering Lives Through Lilli Health    

Inspired by my personal journey and armed with my educational background, I founded Lilli Health. My goal was to empower and inspire women with PCOS searching for answers. Initially, I collaborated with a previous team to launch a company, but I soon realized it wasn’t the right fit. Consequently, my husband and I decided to embark on our own entrepreneurial journey to establish Lilli Health. This decision was driven by the fact that the company’s foundation was rooted in my personal experiences, education, and research in PCOS.   

The Lilli Health Purpose: Achieving Your Wellness Goals 

The Lilli Health mission is to empower patients with PCOS by providing them with education and tools to embrace a low insulin lifestyle. Lilli Health’s purpose is to help you improve your signs and symptoms of PCOS and achieve your wellness goals.   

Lilli Health is a true success story. After facing challenges with disordered eating, anxiety, frustration, and pain for over a decade, I found the link between nutrition, hormonal imbalance, and PCOS. Adopting a low insulin lifestyle changed my life, helping me regain control over my PCOS. I’m excited for it to bring positive changes to yours as well.  

I recently published my book Low Insulin Lifestyle which details my journey with PCOS and the science behind this lifestyle. Lilli Health is also launching At-Home Insulin Testing Kits and the Lilli App, designed to help you keep track of your health and manage your condition through evidence-based nutrition.